Roly Polys


Description: Roly polys are rectangles or strips of fabric in a gorgeous range of craft cottons and dress fabrics of all types, colours and textures. They are a cost effective way of acquiring a wide variety of top quality fabrics in small quantity. Very useful for fashion students

Suitable for: Making small items such as purses, dolls’ clothes, textile art, collage, mood boards and oodles of craft projects



Additional information

Dimensions 5744821395 m

Craft Cottons – White, Craft Cottons – Ivory, Craft Cottons – Beige, Craft Cottons – Brown, Craft Cottons – Yellow, Craft Cottons – Orange, Craft Cottons – Red, Craft Cottons – Aqua/Turq, Craft Cottons – Pale Blue, Craft Cottons – Mid Blue, Craft Cottons – Dark Blue, Craft Cottons – Green, Craft Cottons – Pink, Craft Cottons – Purple, Craft Cottons – Grey, Craft Cottons – Black, Dress Fabrics – White, Dress Fabrics – Ivory, Dress Fabrics – Beige, Dress Fabrics – Brown, Dress Fabrics – Yellow, Dress Fabrics – Orange, Dress Fabrics – Red, Dress Fabrics – Aqua/Turq, Dress Fabrics – Pale Blue, Dress Fabrics – Mid Blue, Dress Fabrics – Dark Blue, Dress Fabrics – Green, Dress Fabrics – Pink, Dress Fabrics – Purple, Dress Fabrics – Grey, Dress Fabrics – Black