DMC hand embroidery thread

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Description: DMC Stranded Cotton is the world’s favourite hand embroidery thread. The world’s finest long staple cotton is used and mercerised twice to give your embroidery exceptional sheen. Six easily divisible strands allow you to vary the weight of your stitches and to add depth to your project. Each skein is 8 metres long

Care and Washing: Colours are washable and fade resistant. Please take into account the fabric onto which you have embroidered. Washing with a mild soap is recommended. After washing, wrap your embroidery in a towel to remove excess water, then dry flat. Place your embroidery on a clean cloth, preferably while still damp, and iron on the reverse side, at the temperature setting recommended for the fabric.


Additional information

Dimensions 5744821395 m

Ecru, 165 Pale pistachio green, 166 Pale moss green, 208 Light purple, 210 Lilac, 307 Yellow, 321 Deep red, 356 Cinnamon, 413 Dark grey, 414 Mid grey, 415 Pale grey, 435 Dark fawn, 444 Hot yellow, 445 Lemon, 500 Bottle green, 502 Sage green, 581 Mid moss green, 600 Deep rose, 602 Rose pink, 603 Pale pink, 605 Soft pink, 608 Flame, 677 Cream, 700 Dark grass green, 722 Pale orange, 728 Warm gold, 743 Soft yellow, 746 Dark ivory, 775 Palest blue, 783 Dark gold, 796 Dark royal, 800 Pale blue, 801 Mid brown, 818 Blush pink, 823 Navy, 906 Grass green, 907 Lime green, 911 Mid green, 913 Soft green, 919 Rust, 951 Champagne, 955 Pale soft green, 963 Pale pink, 964 Aqua, 967 Peach, 970 Orange, 972 Gold, 3371 Dark brown, 3685 Cranberry, 3687 Dusty pink, 3705 Coral, 3708 Salmon, 3771 Palest cinnamon, 3774 Warm oatmeal, 3777 Chestnut, 3809 Petrol, 3812 Sea green, 3813 Pale dusty green, 3818 Dark green, 3821 Gold, 3822 Dark buff, 3844 Dark turquoise, 3845 Mid turquoise, 3846 Light turquoise, 3847 Dark sea green


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